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Secrets of the Wizard - A Math Can Be Fun Adventure!

"This book combines math puzzles with a great adventure story."

The Ultimate Math Puzzle Adventure
Teachers: Strengthen Your Students’ Word Problem Solving Skills
Using this “Math Can Be Fun” Adventure Story!

Secrets of the Wizard is a fantasy adventure for anyone (age 12 and up) who loves solving math puzzles. It tells the story of the good wizard, Galimedes, and his two faithful helpers as they try to recover the lost scrolls of time and seasons that were stolen by the evil magician, Zarvildar. The story is packed full of action and suspense.

The pages of the story are scrambled and renumbered (so only the worthy will gain access to the secrets). Indeed, only by solving the math puzzle on each page will you know the number of the page to read next. There are 99 math puzzles altogether!

There is also a hidden secret message which you can spell out by stringing together the first letters on each of the pages when they are read in the correct order. This message will reveal the wizard’s greatest secret.
This is a fabulous book to add the the summer reading list of any 11 - 15 year old. It's an entertaining way to practice math skills so they don't atrophy.

There is an appendix with hints and a second appendix with the answers written in a simple substitution code so that a quick peek is not likely to reveal the answers.

The author's goal is to combine math puzzles with a great story that will keep you on the “edge of your seat.” There are frequent "cliff-hangers." Only by solving the math puzzles will you find out what happens next.
Secrets of the Wizard should be of tremendous interest to anyone who enjoys fantasy stories and/or the challenge of solving math puzzles. Teachers and tutors who need enrichment materials as well as parents who want to encourage their children's interest in math will find this book to be a great resource.

Jim Bennett, AKA “Integer Jim,” is a semi-retired middle school math teacher. In addition to being an award-winning math teacher with 36 years experience, he is an acclaimed artist and writer. He previously wrote Calligraphy For Dummies, Calligraphy for Creative Kids, and The Algebra Journal.

In 2003 he was named Educator of the Year by the Southeastern Ohio Art Education Association. He has also developed a number of math lessons based on the Bible. His website is mathsquad.com.

Secrets of the Wizard by Jim Bennett is available from Amazon


There is also a teacher's guide which has blackline masters of all the pages of the novel. Check it out!


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